Week 3-Unusally Warm Temperatures

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Animals are very confused as well as humans. Weather is 81 degrees in Derry, NH on March 21st.
Some of my students are seeing turtles crossing the road as well as squished ones. NH Fish and Game has reported that the ticks will be a huge problem this summer as the temperatures over the winter did not kill them. It just was too warm. It has been reported that this is the 2nd warmest winter in the history of record keeping. WE will see what happens next week. Dr. Splatt

Click on the link below to see what happened!



Read more:http://www.sentinelandenterprise.com/local/ci_20212626/tewksbury-motorcyclist-killed-crash-moose-ashburnham#ixzz1pnSakVmH

Click on the link below to see what happened!



Read more:http://www.sentinelandenterprise.com/local/ci_20212626/tewksbury-motorcyclist-killed-crash-moose-ashburnham#ixzz1pnSakVmH

A true story-Owl Roadkill

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Hi all

Just thought I would share an experience that happened to me on February 2011.  I leave at 5:30am for school (Derry,NH) and usually get back around 5:00 pm.  Driving in February is depressing as you leave and come back in the dark.  It was February 3rd in which I had to stay till 8pm for course night.  I was driving home on a major highway (route 106) 3 miles from my house when I saw something cross in front of my car in front of me.  I heard a thump and thought I hit something.  I turned the car around and drove slowly back to where I supposedly hit the creature.  Nothing!  My thoughts were that the creature crawled off the side of the road or maybe I didn’t hit an animal as it was something else. I drove home and quickly went into my house as it was a very cold night.  The next morning I left my house at 5:40am in the dark and got to school at 6:25.  Parked the car and went quickly inside to get ready for school.  It was at 10am when a teacher came to my door and said that their was a bird stuck in my Honda Civic grill.  We went out and found a perfect specimen of a barred owl stuck in my grill.  A 45 minute drive from Loudon to Derry, NH at 60 mph with an owl stuck in a grill.  I called NH Fish and Game and asked if I could get the owl stuffed for my classroom.  I was told I needed a special permit as owls are a protected species.  I was also mentioned that if you are caught with any feathers, talons or other parts of a raptor that it was a $10,000 fine and a year in jail.  Nevertheless, I built a bonfire the next weekend and incinerated the owl.

Week #1

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Hi All

The first week has been interesting as the temperature’s in NH have been as low as 20 degrees to as high as 60 degrees. Animals must be as confused as we are!

60 degree temperature on March 7 and on March 10 I woke up with 3 inches of snow on the ground.  My students will be monitoring the roads this week and with the 60 degree predicted temperatures this week who knows what will be found on the road.  We welcome any stories about your experiences with animals.  Send them to drsplatt@comast.net or post them on the blog.  Dr. Splatt

RoadKill ’12 is Ready to Go … !

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RoadKill '12 Registration Form

Click here to register ...

Everything on the web site seems ready to go. The new database is in place and most edits/changes/additions have been finished. A few minor things remain but for the most part we are up and operational.

If you would like to register for the project just click on the graphic to the left and that will bring you over to the RoadKill ’12 web site. All instructions for registering can be found there!

Once you are registered you will have an account in the database so that you can enter your data and retrieve the data from other participants.

The project will start on Sunday, March 4, 2012 at sunrise. With the unusual warm weather we have had in the Northeast it will prove interesting to see what the first few weeks of monitoring will bring. Under typical conditions we still have plenty of snow and the roadways remain fairly empty at this time of year.

Most unusual roadkill …

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A few years back in Leominster, MA a moose met with its fate on Rt. 12 on a late rainy spring evening.

A motorist was traveling at 11:30pm when she clipped this guy. He rode right up the font hood, through the windshield, and right into the passenger seat aside of the operator.

The woman was able to eascape the vehicle and thank God there was nobody sitting in the front seat with her.

The EMT’s arrived on the scene and were AMAZED at what they saw. They worked with the Jaws-Of-Life and removed the entire roof of the vehicle after the animal was sedated. Once the roof was removed a local tow company rigged up a harness to lift the animal out of the vehicle.

All of this was to no avail as the moose had suffered serious internal injuries and was bleeding internally. A local vet made the decision to euthanize the animal.

Considering the extent of the damage to the vehicle, it was apparent that if a passenger had occupied the front seat with the driver they could have been seriously injured or killed in the mishap.

Data indicates that in 90% of vehicle/moose collisions the driver or other occupants receive serious injury or death as a result of the crash. Another grim reminder of the dangers that occur when wildlife and man come into collision in the wildlife corridors. Take note and be vigilant as you travel the local roadways!



RoadKill ’12 Message Board

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Welcome to the RoadKill ’12 Message Board!  We will be using this blog to replace the message board that once ran in the original RoadKill web site. This will give all of our participants an opportunity to post messages of interest as the projects runs.

The message board is moderated so postings will need to be reviewed before they go “live” for our readers. Unfortunately with the nature of this medium we need to moderate things to prevent spammers from posting junk and messages of little interest to our readers.

If you have any trouble with the board please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you along.

We are looking forward to another interesting year along the highways … !

Up and Running … !

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This will replace the old message board on the web site. I’ll spend some time here later this week so that it looks like it belongs with the project …