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A true story-Owl Roadkill

Posted: March 10, 2012 by drsplatt in Uncategorized
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Hi all

Just thought I would share an experience that happened to me on February 2011.  I leave at 5:30am for school (Derry,NH) and usually get back around 5:00 pm.  Driving in February is depressing as you leave and come back in the dark.  It was February 3rd in which I had to stay till 8pm for course night.  I was driving home on a major highway (route 106) 3 miles from my house when I saw something cross in front of my car in front of me.  I heard a thump and thought I hit something.  I turned the car around and drove slowly back to where I supposedly hit the creature.  Nothing!  My thoughts were that the creature crawled off the side of the road or maybe I didn’t hit an animal as it was something else. I drove home and quickly went into my house as it was a very cold night.  The next morning I left my house at 5:40am in the dark and got to school at 6:25.  Parked the car and went quickly inside to get ready for school.  It was at 10am when a teacher came to my door and said that their was a bird stuck in my Honda Civic grill.  We went out and found a perfect specimen of a barred owl stuck in my grill.  A 45 minute drive from Loudon to Derry, NH at 60 mph with an owl stuck in a grill.  I called NH Fish and Game and asked if I could get the owl stuffed for my classroom.  I was told I needed a special permit as owls are a protected species.  I was also mentioned that if you are caught with any feathers, talons or other parts of a raptor that it was a $10,000 fine and a year in jail.  Nevertheless, I built a bonfire the next weekend and incinerated the owl.