Week #1

Posted: March 10, 2012 by drsplatt in Uncategorized

Hi All

The first week has been interesting as the temperature’s in NH have been as low as 20 degrees to as high as 60 degrees. Animals must be as confused as we are!

60 degree temperature on March 7 and on March 10 I woke up with 3 inches of snow on the ground.  My students will be monitoring the roads this week and with the 60 degree predicted temperatures this week who knows what will be found on the road.  We welcome any stories about your experiences with animals.  Send them to drsplatt@comast.net or post them on the blog.  Dr. Splatt

  1. Paul Colombo says:

    Hey Brewster!

    Yes, the weather seems to not be able to make up its mind? I have three entries in the database already for Week #1 and we have had those large temperature swings here as well. I have a maple in the back yard and all of the buds have popped giving it a brilliant red color. Also had an American Goldfinch at the feeder this morning that was 70% turned over to that dazzling bright yellow (minus the green head!) …

    I am expecting a surge in the data this week as it is evident that a lot of the animals are out and about … we’ll see what the week brings … ?

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